• [Change] You can now more easily report a user who does not respect other players or our terms of use, just click on the player's username in the chat and then click the button "report". Then make sure to select the conversation to include in the submission report to help our team to take a decision.
  • [Change] The choice of teams is now disabled by default. If you want to allow game participants to choose their teams, you will have to click on the "options" button when creating the game, and then check "Teams choice allowed". Teams choice remains enabled by default for games "between friends".
  • [Change] Minor mobile design improvements.
  • [New] New time-per-turn options are now available. In addition to the classic time-per-turn, you can play in 15 seconds, 45 seconds, 1'30 minutes and even 3 minutes.
  • [New] New option: unrated game.
V1.0.24 - V1.0.27
V1.0.20 - V1.0.23
  • [Enhancement] Improvement of the game compatibility and fix of display issues on multiple devices.
  • [Change] Global change of the game resolution on mobiles and tablets.
  • [Enhancement] Improvement of the landscape mode on mobiles and tablets.
  • [Fix] Fix of the tiles bug that freeze when being dragged and are sometimes impossible to recover.
  • [Enhancement] Fix of zoom and display issues on some versions of Safari and Chrome on Iphone.
  • [New] The list of all your played games is now available in your statistics.
  • [Change] We have changed the default challenge mode for invalid words. You can now play again without losing your turn if the word you play is invalid. More challenge modes will soon be available in the game options.
  • [New] You can now increase the size of your blacklist and friends list by subscribing to a membership plan in the menu with your nickname then "My account".
  • [New] Playing as a guest? You can now convert your account and save your stats and progress the next time you log in when prompted.
  • [Enhancement] We have updated our English words dictionary. Words such as EMOJI, EW, OK, WERK, YOWZA ... and many more are now accepted. To sum up, more than 11,000 new words have been added and 240 words have been removed.
  • [Fix] Fix display issues on large tablets.
  • [Enhancement] Design improvements.
  • [Enhancement] All messages are now saved. It is now possible to leave a message to a player who is not logged in.
  • [New] Friends list: you can now easily find your connected friends.
  • [New] New game mode: play as a team against computer level 10.
  • [Enhancement] Interface improvement for 3 to 4 players games.
  • [Enhancement] Interface improvement for team games.
  • [Enhancement] Improving mobile and tablet user experience, and minor bug fixes.
  • [Enhancement] Overall improvement of the themes.
  • [New] New theme: White light
  • [New] Releasing blacklist. You no longer want to play with a player or receive private messages from him/her? Add him/her to your blacklist.
  • [Change] Clicking on an username in the user list now opens the player's statistics page.
  • [Enhancement] Minor improvements in display issues.
V1.0.9 - V1.0.10
  • [New] Play as a team 2 vs 2, a new game mode that combines strategy and cooperation.
  • [Enhancement] Improvement of the of game rooms management.
V1.0.6 - V1.0.8
  • [New] It is now possible to play on boards of size 15x15, 17x17 and 21x21 in beta.
  • [Enhancement] Server side update.
  • [Enhancement] It is now possible to invite a player to an opened game from the list of available players.
  • [Enhancement] Themes improvement.
  • [New] It is now possible to set the range of players rating when creating games.
  • [Fix] Improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • [New] New chat design.
  • [New] It is now possible to play from 2 to 4 players.
  • [Enhancement] Improve of the smoothness of the tiles move on mobile phones.
  • [New] Do you have an android phone? You can now install rackword on mobile and play from your phone with all the other connected players: Download on google play.
  • [Fix] Fix of display bugs that affected tablets and some screen resolution.
  • [Fix] Fix of the difficulty of moving tiles on very small screens.
  • [Enhancement] Update of the tiles distribution by removing consonants or vowels sequences from the bag to improve fairness between opponents.
  • [Fix] Fix of the profile pictures bug in the chat and improve of the loading time.
  • [Fix] Fix game display bug on some phones.
  • [Enhancement] Server side update.
  • [New] New light theme: "Cloudberry light".
  • [Fix] Fix the chat scrollbar bug in the new version.
  • [Fix] Fix of a bug that displays a wrong remaining time in case of a disconnection from a game in progress.
  • [New] Experimentation of new grid sizes (beta testers only).
  • [Enhancement] It is now easier to write to the team via the contact form in the main menu.
  • [New] New themes available in beta version by clicking on the buton "Rackword new version".
  • [Fix] New fix of the issue that automatically accepted a game invitation while typing a message in the chat area.
  • [Fix] New fix of the bug that prevented to type a message in the chat when open games were proposed.
  • [Enhancement] Adding new words in the french dictionary.
  • [Enhancement] Server side update.
  • [Fix] Fix of the message 'not found' displayed on player stats when they play in another language.
  • [Fix] New fix of the issue that unintentionally accepted a game invitation while typing a message in the chat area.
  • [Enhancement] Open games are now displayed directly on the board.
  • [Enhancement] Added 'invite a player' button on the board to get the list of available players.
  • [Fix] Fixed the rare bug: choose one game and get another.
  • [Enhancement] Adaptation of the game on some small mobile screens.
  • [Fix] Removal of the chat button from the grid during games.
  • [New] Setting up of the English version of the game. It is now possible to play in English.
  • [Enhancement] Changes made on the rating computation for games against the computer.
  • [Fix] Fixed the issue that automatically accepted a game invitation while typing a message in the chat area.
  • [Fix] Fixed the loading photos issue on some browsers.
  • [Enhancement] Improving game performance and loading time.
  • [Enhancement] Improvement of the tiles movement on Internet explorer 10+.
  • [Fix] Fix the display issue that occurred on some android tablets.
  • [Fix] Fixed the game display issue on Facebook
  • [Enhancement] Improved performance (server side).
  • [Enhancement] • Significant performance improvement of moving tiles on mobiles and tablets.
  • [New] Displaying profile pictures in the chat.
  • [New] Reduced brightness of the chat during the game.
  • [Enhancement] Faster loading of profile pictures.
  • [Fix] Minor bug fixes.
  • [New] Numbering of the board bonus squares. You do not have to guess the bonus squares based on their colors anymore.
  • [New] Addition of sound effects during the game, and ability to turn on / off the sound.
  • [Fix] It is now possible to chat after sending a game invitation.
  • [Enhancement] The tiles are no longer close to the bottom of the screen
  • [Fix] Fix display issues for some themes.
  • [Change] The selected tiles now move on the board only when the direction arrow is activated (1 or 2 clicks on an empty square).
  • [New] Choose an avatar or a profile picture.
  • [New] It is now possible to see the ranking (TOP 100) of the best players.
  • [Enhancement] Website goes in secured mode for all connexions.
  • [Fix] Fix of display issues on certain screens.
  • [New] New theme (navy).
  • [Enhancement] Improve the readability of the chat for some themes.
  • [New] Possibility to change the time per turn of the games: 2 minutes, 1 minutes or 30 seconds.
  • [New] It is now possible to see other players statistics.
  • [New] It is now possible to see the list of available players and send a game invitation.
  • [Fix] Fixed the bug that caused some private messages to land in an inappropriate tab.