• [Enhancement] Design improvements.
  • [Enhancement] All messages are now saved. It is now possible to leave a message to a player who is not logged in.
  • [New] Friends list: you can now easily find your connected friends.
  • [New] New game mode: play as a team against computer level 10.
  • [Enhancement] Interface improvement for 3 to 4 players games.
  • [Enhancement] Interface improvement for team games.
  • [Enhancement] Improving mobile and tablet user experience, and minor bug fixes.
  • [Enhancement] Overall improvement of the themes.
  • [New] New theme: White light
  • [New] Releasing blacklist. You no longer want to play with a player or receive private messages from him/her? Add him/her to your blacklist.
  • [Change] Clicking on an username in the user list now opens the player's statistics page.
  • [Enhancement] Minor improvements in display issues.
V1.0.9 - V1.0.10
  • [New] Play as a team 2 vs 2, a new game mode that combines strategy and cooperation.
  • [Enhancement] Improvement of the of game rooms management.
V1.0.6 - V1.0.8
  • [New] It is now possible to play on boards of size 15x15, 17x17 and 21x21 in beta.
  • [Enhancement] Server side update.
  • [Enhancement] It is now possible to invite a player to an opened game from the list of available players.
  • [Enhancement] Themes improvement.
  • [New] It is now possible to set the range of players rating when creating games.
  • [Fix] Improvements and minor bug fixes.
  • [New] New chat design.
  • [New] It is now possible to play from 2 to 4 players.
  • [Enhancement] Improve of the smoothness of the tiles move on mobile phones.
  • [New] Do you have an android phone? You can now install rackword on mobile and play from your phone with all the other connected players: Download on google play.
  • [Fix] Fix of display bugs that affected tablets and some screen resolution.
  • [Fix] Fix of the difficulty of moving tiles on very small screens.
  • [Enhancement] Update of the tiles distribution by removing consonants or vowels sequences from the bag to improve fairness between opponents.
  • [Fix] Fix of the profile pictures bug in the chat and improve of the loading time.
  • [Fix] Fix game display bug on some phones.
  • [Enhancement] Server side update.
  • [New] New light theme: "Cloudberry light".
  • [Fix] Fix the chat scrollbar bug in the new version.
  • [Fix] Fix of a bug that displays a wrong remaining time in case of a disconnection from a game in progress.
  • [New] Experimentation of new grid sizes (beta testers only).
  • [Enhancement] It is now easier to write to the team via the contact form in the main menu.
  • [New] New themes available in beta version by clicking on the buton "Rackword new version".
  • [Fix] New fix of the issue that automatically accepted a game invitation while typing a message in the chat area.
  • [Fix] New fix of the bug that prevented to type a message in the chat when open games were proposed.
  • [Enhancement] Adding new words in the french dictionary.
  • [Enhancement] Server side update.
  • [Fix] Fix of the message 'not found' displayed on player stats when they play in another language.
  • [Fix] New fix of the issue that unintentionally accepted a game invitation while typing a message in the chat area.
  • [Enhancement] Open games are now displayed directly on the board.
  • [Enhancement] Added 'invite a player' button on the board to get the list of available players.
  • [Fix] Fixed the rare bug: choose one game and get another.
  • [Enhancement] Adaptation of the game on some small mobile screens.
  • [Fix] Removal of the chat button from the grid during games.
  • [New] Setting up of the English version of the game. It is now possible to play in English.
  • [Enhancement] Changes made on the rating computation for games against the computer.
  • [Fix] Fixed the issue that automatically accepted a game invitation while typing a message in the chat area.
  • [Fix] Fixed the loading photos issue on some browsers.
  • [Enhancement] Improving game performance and loading time.
  • [Enhancement] Improvement of the tiles movement on Internet explorer 10+.
  • [Fix] Fix the display issue that occurred on some android tablets.
  • [Fix] Fixed the game display issue on Facebook
  • [Enhancement] Improved performance (server side).
  • [Enhancement] • Significant performance improvement of moving tiles on mobiles and tablets.
  • [New] Displaying profile pictures in the chat.
  • [New] Reduced brightness of the chat during the game.
  • [Enhancement] Faster loading of profile pictures.
  • [Fix] Minor bug fixes.
  • [New] Numbering of the board bonus squares. You do not have to guess the bonus squares based on their colors anymore.
  • [New] Addition of sound effects during the game, and ability to turn on / off the sound.
  • [Fix] It is now possible to chat after sending a game invitation.
  • [Enhancement] The tiles are no longer close to the bottom of the screen
  • [Fix] Fix display issues for some themes.
  • [Changement] The selected tiles now move on the board only when the direction arrow is activated (1 or 2 clicks on an empty square).
  • [New] Choose an avatar or a profile picture.
  • [New] It is now possible to see the ranking (TOP 100) of the best players.
  • [Enhancement] Website goes in secured mode for all connexions.
  • [Fix] Fix of display issues on certain screens.
  • [New] New theme (navy).
  • [Enhancement] Improve the readability of the chat for some themes.
  • [New] Possibility to change the time per turn of the games: 2 minutes, 1 minutes or 30 seconds.
  • [New] It is now possible to see other players statistics.
  • [New] It is now possible to see the list of available players and send a game invitation.
  • [Fix] Fixed the bug that caused some private messages to land in an inappropriate tab.