Stay connected with Friends through Online Word Games

Illustration: Marcus Aurelius

COVID-19 Pandemic has put the world in a frenzy state by bringing almost all the outdoor activities on its knees. Clubs were shut, schools were closed, and offices made their way to the kitchen and balconies.

This situation restricts people from having face-to-face interaction with their peers making social distancing a mantra of new normal.

While many people are waiting for the things to get back like they were before, most of the them are turning to technology to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones — not only to talk, text, and have a video chat but to play games as well.

But what if these games can nurture your intelligence apart from bringing you close to your quarantine friends? In this case, we can’t think of many things better than a word game, especially for those who want to spend some time ‘hanging out’ at home over the internet in their leisure time.

Word games are probably the greatest way for those who crave the need to feel connected with their relatives.

Staying home stopping your fun? Here’s the safe escape!

Here we have picked up a game to play with pals even if they’re far away. This will indeed turn into a win-win situation by keeping you virtually connected with your loved ones.

Our all-time favorite word board game is now on an app! Rackword word game is a great way to unwind and relax with your peer group virtually. With fantastic word puzzles to throw you off, Rackword game is challenging, competitive, and addictive of course.

How to make the most of word games?

Trust us! There’s nothing like Rackword word game to keep people going. The rules are simple: form the words on the game board using the letters assigned to you

  • Play in real-time with your pals:

Playing games in real-time online is like having a good drink with friends around a table. The Rackword offers the possibility to have up to 4 players in the same game to have a good time. The game chat area allows you to discuss and exchange with friends and family while having fun.

… And oh! All this is as free as the air you’re breathing right now.

  • Create a game faster than you think: 

By creating a game, you get the link to share with your friends by Facebook, Snapchat, and what apps to join in one click. It is possible to join regardless of the device used. By playing from the computer, phone, tablet, or the Facebook platform, Rackword breaks the barrier of technological limitations for even more fun virtual gatherings.

What are the other benefits of Rackword word game?

Word games are an excellent way to stay away from monotony by staying close to your friends and loved ones but did you know they have numerous other benefits too!?

Well, yes, you heard that right. Word games like Rackword are a great mental stimulator that helps in boosting your cognitive skills.

Rackword enhances your vocabulary, makes you more focused, and also makes you happier in life. But how exactly does this happens?

Various research shows that playing multiplayer word games brings one virtually close to their peer group and gives them the satisfaction of doing the activity together.

Also, Rackword multiplayer game allows you to team up with your random human opponents or friends around the world to test each other’s wordsmithing supremacy.

Join the fun!

The world of gaming has been skyrocketed in pandemic beyond anticipation. Even the people who had previously snubbed it entirely are now reaching out for these games, making them a quarantine partner.

The explosive growth of gaming lately, especially word games, has emerged as a new outlet for much-needed connection in isolation to get close to their loved ones.

So, without further ado, socialize in self isolation by playing this easy peasy word game in your next quarantine internet hangout.

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