Multiplayer and Team Word Game.

Rackword Multiplayer word game is one such game that is emerging as a safe escape from boredom and is one of those games that were already riding a big wave of interest long before Covid-19 and the lockdown, but now it’s really taken off.

In the wake of the growing popularity of many battleground games, Rackword word game offers multiple benefits to the brain and mental health.

Imagine what a rare joy it will be in playing a game that you know so well. Rackword multiplayer game is just like that, a game that is customized to your liking and preferences with the vast array of available themes.

When you choose Rackword multiplayer game, you choose the game where you can assemble, manipulate and rebuild words again with your friends. What’s more, we have picked up six points that will make you go with Rackword every time you think of playing word games.

1. Realtime and fast play:

Participation of more than one player can’t emerge as a hurdle in your gaming speed. Despite being a multiplayer game, Rackword tries to maintain your game’s pace to 30sec, 1 min or 2 min per turn. What on earth sounds better than this million-dollar deal?

2. Play with more than two friends:

Rackword is a multiplayer game where you can challenge four of your friends to show off their vocabulary skills. In Rackword you can even play in a team of 2 players on each side. Even if playing with strangers, then this game helps in building an individual network.

3. Play in unique team mode:

Rackword multiplayer game offers you the opportunity to play in unique team modes.

Got more than two friends? Play in the mode of 2 vs. 2. Got only one player to join in? No worries! Rackword has a solution to this as well, play in the unique team mode against the computer with your partner and check who got the killer vocabulary.

4. Chat with your friends while playing:

Isn’t it fun to have a fun chat with your friends while playing and taking a sneak peek into their strategies while making yours? You can do this now with Rackword multiplayer game that offers you the option to chat with your players alongside, resulting in fewer communication hurdles to jump over.

5. Play on the Board of your choice:

Rackword offers you multiple boards size, making it easy for you to choose the which is right for you. The game has three board sizes with variations of the classic board, board with more space, and large superboard. All these options come in the size of 15×15, 17×17, and 21×21, respectively.

6. Get your detailed progress report:

One can only grow when he/she knows where they are standing; here, Rackword word game has it all that helps in the growth of a player. When you play the multiplayer word game Rackword, you can easily access all the players’ scores playing within. Rackword also helps evaluate and compute your ratings at the end of each game, allowing you to compare yourself with your opponents.

The invention of words was backed by the purpose of communication, but we as humans are constantly finding new ways to use them. Word games are one of those many ways. People break them and make new words out of them. Rackword word game puts your vocabulary to the test where you get to solve challenging word puzzles in a highly engaging multiplayer board game that’ll keep you glued to the screen for hours.

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